Thursday, August 18, 2005

Yay woo and a massive Hooouplaa!

Yes - spent a little time at lunch sorting out this new template - I think ya'll all agree it's pretty sweet and loads 20x quicker then the old pile of muck - i'll try to be good and not mess it up with all those rank 88x31 gifs and shite - Im still looking for an IP blocker - One or two visitors are not welcome here - So if anyone knows a decent IP blocker then let it be known.

On a different issue i had some sound news today - may sort all my woes out -can't say too much as it's not def yet but it's all good - wooo yay - So back to reality - work is good which is nice - things are getting sold and making me money and i'm 1k off target and 25% - SS is back looking for work for me and she seems keen to help - i'll see what happens.

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