Thursday, August 25, 2005


What a day - Busy busy busy - has been all month which is interesting as most of the country are in Spain getting pissed or at least i thought they were. Whipped my target within a grand of it life and still with 3 days to go - Went and finally got my Dyson from storage so i can clear up and hoover the hallway - which i can tell you needs it bigtime! actually it needs one of those cleaning hoover things that soapy clean as you go as its a beige carpet (schoolboy error whoever laid that!)

Other then that - i got invited out to a curry later by one of my directors - The converstaion went like this - "oi baldy, fancy coming out on a curry c/o Sharp later tonight" - i replied gleefully - "yea that would be great! cheers" - i should have known better as the wazzock replied "well your not invited coz no-one likes ya, wanker" and then walked off cackling

So with that in mind i invited BW and JS round for a chinese - as i have shit loads of it left from last night and its need scoffing - so off to pub for a beer - i think then home to eat. Great.

O and the Queen gif is because ive been singing "dont - stop - me - noooooow - dont - stop - me - nooow - coz im havin a good time havin a good tiiiime" - know the one !!

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