Friday, August 19, 2005

Our survey said . .

Seems that the Police have a few weeks of sticky shit to wade through as they are dragged into the news regarding the DeMenezes shooting. It is being said the Brazilian electrician had not fled from police as initially claimed, nor had he hurdled a ticket barrier. Now this shocks me a little - as DeMenezes was shot in the train itself - so how did he get there - on top of this there are pictures of him dead being circulated in the Brazillian news - How the fuck did this happen?

On top of this it is also reported that Scotland Yard heavily defended against the IPCC looking into the incident - I cant blame them and if im honest i feel sorry for the Police - At that time they were under intense pressure to protect the British public and catch the terrorists who had firstly bombed London on the 7th July and then w
ho tried again on the 21st. They were nervous and tetchy as they were firsty in danger and secondly being scrutinised by us al as we want to feel safe. I personally cried a "woop" when it was reported that DeMenezes (then anonymous) was shot - I was pleased that he had died - I didnt know the full story.

Now it seems the Police thatnks to our own red tape will be dragged into a slanging match and then penalised for shooting this bloke - They were protecting us - Why cant we see that? A man died - an innocent man died - a Brazillian man died - So ? - 50 odd people died in the bombings - So did 100's in the IRA years - nearly 3000 died on 9/11.

One mans mistaken death cannot overshadow what is the bigger picture. We will not be governed or become afraid of commuting in our own capital - We are not afraid and i ask one thing of the IPCC - Take a close look at the obituary's of the 52 that died and ask yourself if we really want to make the Police the scapegoat for what is Al-Qaeda's whole reason for starting this plot on th ewestern world - Do you think we can stick together on this please - For all our sakes?.

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