Monday, August 22, 2005

One reason to watch Herbie Fully Loaded

And that is - Lindsey Lohan - No other reason - the old Herbies were brilliant - i remember watching as a kid - I even think my Mum took me to the cinema - and that my friends was a rare rare occurance i can tell 'ya - So back to Lindsey - Didnt you see "Freaky Friday" I mean i'm no fan of teen girl films but that one did make me happy inside.

Yep Freaky Friday not only made me all warm and cuddly inside but it had schoolboy crush Jamie lee-Curtis in it (i think because of her in Fish called Wanda) as well as Lindsey - I think it must be her ginger hair - I'm un-naturally drawn to ginger birds - Kirsty - and a girl i can't remember the name of (Hanna will though) - Charlotte - god there are others too. Nope Lindsey rocks and i know you'll agree lads (and girls possibly?).

However the film i reckon sucks big-time - so much so i don't even want to see it - It's that clip on the telly when Herbie's winking - It's a car for gods sake - Things like that don't happen after your 13 years old - Well they don't happen full-stop but when your that young its almost beleivable isn't it!

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