Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Kill me if you can - last night on channel 4

It is July 2003 and a 14-year-old boy, John, is the victim of a near-fatal stabbing in Altrincham near Manchester. His 16-year-old friend Mark is the chief suspect. But why would a teenager who has never been in any trouble try to kill his best friend? An incredible story emerges of how Mark has been recruited over the web to be a secret service agent by a spymistress called Janet Dobinson. She promises him sex and riches if he passes an initiation test: to kill his friend John.

Kill Me If You Can - programme imageThe schoolboy is propelled into a world of espionage; his bland suburban surroundings become a landscape of mystery and intrigue. But in court, facing charges of attempted murder, Mark finally learns the truth – Janet and a host of other people he met on the internet are all fictitious characters invented by someone bent on manipulating his every move. But who would know enough to trick him into attempting murder?

This hugely amusing program last night caught my attention after the shit Liverpool game - Initially it reminded me of 7 years ago wjhen i first got a pc and an internet connection and found my way into the chatrooms that were all over the net - Again the intrigueing thing for me was theKill Me If You Can - programme image desceipt that John levelled on Mark - who was by the way massively gullibale - 1st he lured him in with a ficticious girl - Then a gay stalker - and then finally he lured him im with Janet Dobinson - the MILF M15 agent who wanted to recruit him and pay him 700k in pounds to complete some simple tasks - The first being to get John out of school one day - the second to stay in Johns bedroom for the whole weekend and to perform oral sex on him - worringly he did so - Odd ! - the last was to buy a huge kitchen knife and then kill John. Mark lured John down a side alley and stabbed him - Nearly fatally!

It all transpired after months of trawling the 2 lads pc's that John was in fact all 3 of these characters and was a mental case - he also had a deathwish - It was in fact the first time in UK history that someone had been charged for inciting their own murder. Both lads were let off with 2 and 3 month suspended supervison sentances - and were ordered never to use the internet again unsupervised.

Thank fuck for that!!

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