Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Katie leaves work for Thomson's

A few weeks ago young KW let us all know she was off to progress her career with those lovely people at Thomson Directory - With respect to KW the place is a hell hole - my mate worked there who i can honestly say is as good as i am on the phone - (and that is damn awesome btw) He left after 4 months - had enough of the wankers there who had already got themselves nicely set as part of the furniture - i suppose really it's like any job - I'm like it - i've become part of the fixtures and fittings here at Dog Man Cat. No-one really takes any notice of me and i take bugga all notice of them - just occasionally someone new joins and it gets exciting for 5 minutes but generally it's that same day in day out (which actually is nice and btw so are the people here :)

So anyway KW had a card going round - and i thought it would be a little bit funny to write a bit extra next to someones epitaph. Click on the picture and then blow it up using the + sign if your using Firefox - i dunno what IE does as i scrapped it. Found it yet ? heheh

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