Thursday, August 18, 2005

Its official - I'm back!

Got a call early from a friend of mine - Seems all is well - which is nice - must try a bit harder with them really - Its not their fault we've grown apart - obviously i need to go visit so whilst away this weekend i'll try and pop in. On the flatmate stuff - well its not easy is it - trouble is that these websites cost a bloody fortune and guess what im a tad short of bluey's. Ive got loads of responses but £29.50 for 10 days - thats bloody steep isnt it. I seem to have made an enemy in my old pal MP - Dunno where he has a problem - he owes me - and will owe me more at the end of the month - this is all kinda my fault - i knew it was a bad idea - how can you trust someone who just says stuff that keeps you off his back - TP i take what i said back!

Anyway - After that little word of advice - How is everyone lately - O and by the way im back - Some of you know me - and i know i get regular visitors from someone as i know your IP dont i! (you must realise that you can trace IP addresses or dont you !) by the way im getting a script to block unwanted snoopers ! - Must sort some stuff out thats been festering - and now im looking forward to a fresh start again - I aint moving - I'll pay the full rent if thats what i have to do - A help would be nice tho! So if you know anyone who would like to live in a cozy 2 bed flat - nicely furnished and who likes a beer nown and then and spend evenings watching hours of telly or old films - Then i'm ya man.