Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hurricane ahoy!

Now i have to say i'm not one for taking the piss out of a bad time but you have to agree that this picture says it all really - it's unfortunate people have died - which ties in nicely with this mornings "What the fuck ?" rant.

So here's the scenario - theres a fucking huge hurricane on it's way (it's called Katrina btw) - The weatherman says to "get away from the area just as soon as you can" - The local police constabulary says "get away from the area as soon as you can" - then as luck would have it - George Bush Jnr get's on the telly and says "wibble bibble area bobble soon as" - Strangely being from middle america you know what that means (sorry americans!) - So what do you do - Jump in your Cadallac and zoom off somewhere less windy? - Get on a train and trundle off somewhere less rainy? or - sit around waiting for 150 mph winds to smash your rickety hut of a house and hike you off to never-never land - whilst chucking a few cars and hotel roofs on you for good measure.

Yep thats what i'll do - said some chap (Mr.Jackson as pictured) with his wife and kids in tow - "I can survive a few gusts of wind" - Sadly he was wrong and on the telly last night i saw a sad picture of this chap crying as he had lost his wife in the flooding - her last words being "Look after the children" - Jeeeesus - "My wife, I can't find her body, she gone." - "I held her hand tight as I could and she told me 'you can't hold me'. She said, 'take care of the kids and the grandkids'," Mr Jackson said. - "We have nowhere to go. I'm lost, that's all I had, that's all I had. I don't know what I'm going to do." - That is a sad story - but i can't help thinking that the death was avoidable.

On a slightly fiercer note i also saw lots of looting going on - Whats that all about - huh ! One man carrying a pile of jeans was asked if he was salvaging goods from his own store. According to the Associated Press news agency, he replied: "No, that's everybody's store." - I just don't know !

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