Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Gate Gourmet

Fresh attempts are due to be made to end the industrial dispute over the sacking of 670 workers by in-flight catering company Gate Gourmet.

Is it just me, or are you, my fellow Brits sick and tired of hearing this shit on the news - It's bad i know - sacking 670 workers over a tannoy in a car park - but with respect does anyone understand how impossibly difficult asian men and women are to work with - Well i do!

I sell IT hardware to the soho and middle buisness sector and deal with a good amount of internet leads - i'd say 35% of those leads that come in are Asian's wanting to buy equipment. Just a little taster of how the conversations can go. "Hello Mr.Patel how can i help you" - "I am looking to buy a copier for 3 pounds - it needs to be colour A3 and A4 and i want it delivered tomorrow" - "hmm Mr.Patel do you realise that the colour machines start at 4 grand?" - "ooo bloddy hell Mr.Simon you are trying to rip me off - i see on da internet dat they cost only 2 pence - i think you are ripping me off" - "goodbye Mr.Patel" - click

By the way - The Ugandans and Nigerians are worse - not by much but worse - So anyway back to the strike - Whatever the blokes name that sacked them all he had some bollocks i assure you - and if i'm honest i don't blame him - But anyway can we sort this pointless striking and not-striking news story out once and for all and either 1. go back to work - or 2. get a bankruptcy order and piss off. Thank-you

O and by the way - click on the image and read it properly - Its priceless!

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