Monday, August 22, 2005

Deke looking browner then a brown thing thats been in the sun for way too long

Originally uploaded by ruthless jack.
This is Deke - I work indirectly with this loonatic - however he has just come back from the West of France from 3 weeks holiday surfing - Is this colour normal? Do you think maybe when he's older his skin will take on the same look and feel of an old horses rectum hole? (click here as i was finding a horse ass pic and got this one - Its classic!)

Anyway - apparently the West of France is the premier surfing place to go and seriously kicks ass on the wooman front - like spot the fat bitch - as there arn't any - Sounds bloody awesome - wish i was young enough to get some of this on!

Havent got any surfing pics to post up - im not even sure i will do as DS isnt a picture freek like me - but im definately up for some of this in the future - Get a plane from Lydd to Le Touquet and hire a car and drive down - Maybe - or do the Deke thing and buy a camper van for 3 weeks for 5k and then re-sell it at the end of the holiday for the same cash - great idea! - What ?

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