Monday, July 18, 2005

What a marvellously spiffing weekend!

What a marvellously spiffing weekend!

Yep - it was - got leathered on Fiday night - Went out after work and had a few beers with the boys from work - Always good to go out with them - top laugh most of the time - then headed off to Warlingham with DF and GB to see BW - Got some more beers on the way back and got dropped off at home as they were going out - Got fairly leathered watching telly and went off to sleep.

Early doors Saturday awoken early by the constant noise from my neighbours (The Fire station!) - they have the gayest warning alarm ever - A bit like the camp ding dang dong "hello Campa's" from hi-de-hi - remember that ? If you do then erase it from your mind - It was bloody awful - much like the alarm call from the fire station - If you dont beleive me then ask one !

So anyway went off to Uckfield with BW and JS to get something or other and got to see the parents house - with stables and 40 odd acres of land - Wow - And i thought my great Uncles ranch in Norfolk was cool - Maybe it was the heat ! heheh - So anyway hung out the back of the 206cc all the way hoping to get burnt - but didnt - had plenty of beer and food as we stppoed at The Swan in Forest Row - If you look at the piccy you can just about see the seats outside the front where i was abused by a fat bird of a bloke called Dean who had teeth that a roadkill sheep after being run-over by a 40 foot artic' ! NO JOKE !

Got home and carried on with DM who came round to drink beer and play GTA3 till it was light more of less - I decided to get off at that point i had my Dads in the afternoon - and i didnt want to be wankered . So off to me dads on Sunday PM for a BBQ which was ok - A little dry since my stepsisters still largely ignoring me - or just being plain off - Not really sure why she decided to be like that in the first place - Im thinking it was because of missing her Birthday - hmm let me think - When the fuck did she ever do anything for mine ??? - Its not about that but if your going to get the hump then make it fair surely ! Also she annoys the tits out of me since all she want want wants is a new car -And she drives a Newish Ford Puma with Personalised number plate - O getting a bit old is it ??? grrr

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