Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Walls arnt for jumping

Walls arnt for jumping

This made me laugh me little blue fibre glass cast off this morning 0 - Me old pal DM came round Saturday as i said earlier in the week played a bit of GTA and in a brief moment of screwdriver madness i attacked my server to give him the hard-drive to get a damned PC working at my house - So anyway i did just that and as luck would have it there was a 100gb drive in there ! Triffic !

Right so eventually called a cab for the "im walking home" plum ! i mean thats bloody miles ! actually think about it - its not the end of the world - but definately too far in my world - So cab called and door opened shut and this is the story (on email) i got from him on the story of leaving "The Fort"

Just so this text makes a little more sense - i live in a very well protected block of apartments in south London - It takes 3 different codes and 5 odd doors (with codes) to get in or out - the front gate needs a key which protects the main door with all the buzzers to ring me - Basically if you dont know my mobile number u aint comeing in ! Unless of course your superman (my man DM aint!)

I couldnt get out, was a bit pishd, thought ill jump the wall, not the fence, why? I dont know.

DONT BLOG THIS SHIT BTW YOU FREEK. (haha like im going to take any notice of that !)

So, im goin over the wall to the rite and not the railings, I get on top of the wall and realise theres lots of scary lookin bushes to the other side of said wall!!

So I think ill go over the gate, so I climb higher onto the gate post column thingyblob, and jump! in the air I realise im now about 20 foot up, (pishd dimensions!) and flying, totally didnt see the floor hurtling towards me, I tried to for the classis skydive decelleration move, (Muhahhahaa!!) realised I didnt have the altitude, so rotated again and went for the classic landing technique, feet, bend knees, thigh, roll, what I actually achieved was, rite foot, bend ankle, (Ouch!!) left foot, thud, no knees bend, left hand, ouch!

Guess who wet himself laughing at this !! - Yer me - sitting here with a broken leg after jumping off a bleeding car bonnet - ar so funy - so after wiping my eyes i decided to blog - hope you enjoyed it as much as me !

Turned out he was bedside for 2 days nursing said ankle - which made me wonder - why didnt you get my pc up and working monkeee ! jeeeeez

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