Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Teenage Bombers

Teenage Bombers

This is the nightmare scenario that nobody in British society wanted to face.

Anti-terrorism officers have not actually used the words in public, but the massive nationwide investigation into the London bombings is one now focused on suspected British suicide bombers who believe their faith justifies their actions.

But this is not just a nightmare in terms of the threat of violence from within, the fallout in the coming weeks and months will have the capacity to severely test - perhaps in some cases test to breaking point - the cohesion of British society.

So why does it make so much difference that the bombers are, as now suspected, British?

In the hours after the bombings, Muslim leaders in the UK, joined by other faith leaders, senior police chiefs and ministers, launched an action plan long prepared for such an attack on British soil.

Now my Bit : What the fuck is all this about - School-leavers being recruited by evil Bin-Laden activists apparently flew in from wherever to drop the instructions off with the bombs and then flew off - Is that not the biggest cowardly bullshit you've ever heard - What a wanker - Get some poor 19 year old kids to do the work of a cowardly bastard - What makes it so sick is that i doubt for one minute these kids actually realise what they were really doing ? Think back to when you were 19 - Did you give a flying fuck about polictics or what was going on in the religious world ? Were you not just interested in getting your leg over - I think it is just that - So why did these kids give up their lives in the name of Bin Laden. No one i feel will ever find the answer to that. I am just sad that 52 Londoners gave up their lives in the name of Bin-Laden and his pathetic reasons for hating the West - Fuck off Osama we hate you - Go back to your 30 wives and cave life - I hope you die of something really painful - Like the 1000's of westeners that have suffered.

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