Friday, July 22, 2005

Take a wild guess

Take a wild guess

As the title suggests - take a stab in the dark at what Microsofts 4th quarter profits were - not year to date or the whole year - just the last quarter ending 30th June 2005 . . . . have you a figure in mind - say 50 million ? Thats about right surely - No ? Want to think of a bigger figure - Say 500 million dollars ? Thats a lot of money isnt it - Think again pal !

What about 3700 million dollars or 3.7 billion ! - Yep now if you multiply that by four - you would get an average yearly profit figure yes ! Thats 14800 million dollars or 14.8 billion - Surely thats taking the piss Bill!

This is all down supposedly to us all needing more pc's and more laptops to play and work with - Cant someone else make a mark on Microsofts monopoly - I for one would like to use another OS but do you know what ? I havent got a clue what works with what or anything - So what do i do ? Just stick with Windows - Thats what we all do !

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