Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I dont like Mondays

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I don't like Mondays

Well - Tomorrow is d-day for the G8 summit and as per the news it seems that a small minority of idiots have decided to make it a riot - i wouldnt blame the 10's of thousands of people who have planned to do "the walk to Justice" to blow it out - after all it is a "peaceful protest"

Is this just me or is it an English thing - where we decide to riot and trash towns and cities in the name of 'anything' i dont beleive that these exrremists actually give a flying fuck about the G8 summit at all - i mean if they did wouldnt there be riots at 10 Downing Street every day ? or at the Whitehouse every day ?

I bloody well havent seen it on telly - Have you?

So like i said - i hope these idiots dont ruin it for everyone else - It would be nice just to have a resonably quiet walk - with it being covered in the news as a success...

Interestingly i read on my BBC email i get everday that the general African feeling about Live8 is that we owe them the world debt anyway - From all our slavery and i quote

"There is NO DEBT. Again, THERE IS NO DEBT. Africa owes the West NOTHING. NOTHING. On the balance owed to us, however (does anyone have a calculator handy?), we have a good five hundred years or resource and personnel theft, deliberate underdevelopment and interference in our politics (Lumumba anyone?), continuing depredations and destruction (Shell in Nigeria, anyone?), and theft theft theft. Look, if somebody mugs you, takes your wallet and your car, are you really going to be grateful because they gave you a bus fare home?"

Interesting point !

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