Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Hot or Not clearly gone mad

Hot or Not clearly gone mad!

Came in today after last nights stupidity - I'll get there in a minute and checked my blog for comments - Someone normally leaves something dodgy - so anyway to my absolute horror - i saw my hot or not thingy on the left of my blog at 9.4 - WTF how did that happen - So anyway - because i'll never get anything that high again - EVER here it is posted for all to see - just so you know i posted AC's piccy up and it was at 8.1 with 302 votes ..... hehe you ugly ho !

So anyway - last night -well got home and collapsed on the sofa - Mo came in almost immedeately as we were meeting JS and BW to drop off some glasses and BW wanted to do something on the lappy - Anyway - it turned out we were heading off to the pub - Hoooray ! Except no fucker had any money except me BW and Res - So halfway during the evening it turned out that BW gave Mo the eye and off to the back of the pub they went - JS got the raving hump and walked out basically - bit like a big girly blouse - Mo was completely oblivious to all this crap as was i - I was loooking at th ecutie on the next table to me - Ive seen her before and i recognise her from somewhere - i have no idea where from - Maybe shes the one - you know the one that ive been waiting for - lol !

Anyway off home at like gods knows what time - more stellas and Mo cracked out a surprise - decided to order Redhot on bloody Freeview - which was ok - until we realised it was soft porn - snoredom - Anyway - woke up this morning with my eyes looking very very bloodshot - not going anywhere all week - and today i'm cold calling - superb

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