Wednesday, July 27, 2005

God said to read this blog every day !

God said to read this blog every day

No honestly he did - Been one of those days today - been let down by two big profit punters - "Oh yea well erm yes well, we kinda, um , went on the net again, and er found it 1 pound cheaper so we bought 10 of them" - Sick of these 1 pound cheaper c*nts - i really am - i am also sick of google (no no i love you) bloody sponsored ads - sick of it - rarr!!!

Anyway ive been dead busy at lunch finding stuff to keep my brain from congealing into a texture close to wee . . . Christopher Walken provided me with some mirth - I just cant get over how he seems to be floating in space yet actually not moving at all - bloody excellent if u ask me - Forget where it was - its just weird - so here it is for all to see - Sorry if youve seen it before but it deserves to be mentioned again (if it has been seen) o shut up . . . What else - hmm nothing - o yea bought 2 leather black sofas from bekwa for 150 quid - nice one - they are a bit battered on the underside where the cats been at it but thats not a problem really - they are a whole lot better then the old peices of shite i have in staorage which after this month will be history mother fuckers ! been paying like 125 quid a month for bloody a year and half now - sod that mother fucking shit goddamnit.

So tonight young JS and bekwa will be bringin a sofa over - yep just the one ! whilst young MP is off out enjoying himself spending money he owes other mofo's in da area - bit fucked off with that shit to be honest - seems that every time his sorry ass is needed to do something he has something better to do - grrrr

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