Tuesday, July 26, 2005

GMessenger hits the rumour mill

GMessenger hits the rumour mill

Quite simply im a googler - I love Gmail and anything Google is just dandy - I was even close to buying a google tshirt ! Yep i was ! And now that i was looking for that link to show you what i meant i found this - A Blogger Fleece - all on the googlestore - What a brand ! huh - Ive just seen a marble maze i wanna buy next week for my desk ! Is that sad or what ?

So whats all this about the Gmessenger - well i had a look and i could see nothing that gave any idea that it was even in those great googlers over at HQ's head - there is a bit of blogging about it - i can only imagine that they will buy an outfit already in the messenger business like Mundu messenger or maybe Trillian ? - that aside some twot is selling the gmessenger name for 50 qersquillion dollars - never-the-less he got no bids ! wanker.

Anyone see Big Brother last night - think that Orlaith should be shot - shes completely bloody useless - at least Makosi has a brain and rightly said that if she was concealing a buzzing bleeper then shes would sit on the floor ! Jesus ! anyway she managed to make everyone highly paranoid and i think piss most of them off as well - she clearly needs to be voted out - and if we (the public) get to vote who is staying in i think it will be her. looking at Paddy Power Craigs at 1-2 on to win ! jeeesus that camp twot needs to sort it out as well - Anthony - pleeease hit him !

Watching GMTV again this morning and i think ive got a schollboy crush on Kate Garraway - Help - been looking on the intaweb for photos and it seems that shes a right old mother in law type - born 4th May (day before someone i know quite well !) and is single - Yeah right - Just in case you dunno who im on about here she is - and funnily enough i think she looks better on telly then she ever will do in a picture - trust me ! - no really she does - Oh who am i kidding ! hehehe

Right so what else is happening - hmm well B3ta has been down all day - for 2 days actually - and i found a code on stumble that enables me to crash servers easier - by sending 10 applications for a URL / image to a server and not just one - therefore jumping the queue - woopeedoo - havent noticed the difference as yet really ! and lastly a great picture from b3ta who im missing more and more the hours go by - the amusing gifs and messageboard do get me blood flowing again aftar a morning of demonic caopier selling .... jeeesus !

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