Friday, July 08, 2005

Girl on girl love

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Im just loving the whole girl on girl affection thing - it seems these two generally have a safe and comfortable feeling for each other which is a thing of beauty of course!

So what am i upto this weekend? - well BW is coming round with the sofabed so that i dont die of pain from sitting on the damn floor anymore - bit sick of it really - i think i have got piles from it - anyway then on Sat normal partying and then on Sunday it will be a day of rest as i have sales meeting #1 with JJN at work - and he is known for being particually picky when dealing with leads and sales and all sorst off stuff - no doubt i'll get my head kicked in.

Other news just in - Jason is back from Italy - All the women are beautiful and stuff and the money is cool - So hopefully i'll meet up for a few later on before i see BW.

Have a nice one peeps

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