Monday, July 25, 2005

Blue monday

Blue Monday

Overall its been shitty - the blog i wrote at 8 this morning was a bunch of shit and didnt get thru the html blogspot doctor - and then it tripped out the rest of my blogs html with loads of weirdness - great ! - so bad day overall - Spoke to BW and JS - both having probs - moody and no cash - tried the borrow me a few squid till Friday move - No go - as no cash spare basically.

PB dealt me a dodgy phone that doesnt work - great again ! - tried palming me off with a spare handset or something the tosser - so still dont have a phone to call people - again great ! He said tomorrow will bring fruits as he'll get one back ???

So the rest of it was a total farce - boring as fuck as usual - bored bored bored - going home to be boring - its been a dead long month with no fucker having any money - So 4 more days before payday - but hopefully one buddy in particular might give me my 20 back i lent - hehe

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