Friday, July 01, 2005

Blatantly cruel

Blatantly cruel
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Are you having a laugh!

This takes the piss - and normally i wouldnt notice it - but since im a monoped and hopping or gliding on crutches i tend to notice small interuptions in my normal stride like - Stairs.

Who in their wisdom decided that it was a good idea to put the 'Hanicap' toilet on the fucking 2nd floor - Either it's a bloody wind-up or whoever designed the building was born of the spawn of related parents and therefore a complete hick.

Anyway - just for the record the 'handicap' toilet was locked - which is another fucking classic example of bare arsed stupidness and obviously an English trait - Just out of wonder - who else has been gagging for a wee and seen a massive queue for the bog and seen the disabled toilet and found it locked? - Is that as bad as finding the emergency exit padlocked?

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