Friday, July 01, 2005

Bike Trix

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Is this normal - i mean i havent been out for a few days - sorry i mean months fuck sake - the last time i saw some grass i was rolling it - and that was years ago - So anyway when i came across this bloke taking the piss on a bike - i shit meeself.

What if he falls slightly awkwardly and hurts his ankle or falls on a stone and falls slightly differently from normal - will he have to hobble on cruthches like a wanker for 8 months. . NO . . because he wasnt wearing K-Swiss trainers thats why.

Yep K-Swiss

And in fact im going to write an email to complain that K-Swiss trainers are seriously dangerous to wear if you want to jump off car bonnets onto the pavement. Let me write it and i'll post it in a bit.

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