Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A Bears Tail (Manege Frei )

A Bears Tail (Manege Frei )

I like a good story and this peach of a flash movie is no exception - i think there is a huge, massive, ginourmous gap in the market for flash animators to get their works played on childrens television on a Saturday or Sunday - Cbeebies CBBC etc etc - (maybe good ol' T4 should get on this and run one after the ads between Hollyoaks ? ) i may write in !

'Manege Frei' is a particually good example of flash animation, produced by drydee.com who seems to have the loading time solved as well as quality of storyline and animation.

I dont stick stuff like this on my blog unless i loved it - or i thought it was funny - OR - it was basic toilet humour - This on the other-hand is absolutely great - I wish i had the skills to make something quite as beautiful as this - the author / director should be chuffed ! And guess what on closer inspection of Drydee's website it turns out he won the 2005 Flashforward film festival - in the Animation section - Well how about that !

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