Wednesday, July 27, 2005

b3ta messageboard returns

b3ta messageboard returns

Phew ! I was getting worried - thinking that my work had blocked my dear b3ta - but no, in their own words -

"Sorry for the site being down for a couple of days - some small monkeys ate the USB wires that connect the Htmls to the Apaches. Fixed now. And a BIG BIG thanks to Cal for sorting it all out.
found by rob -"

Yea just great - theres me thinking for 2 whole days that my co. had stopped the site being seen by me - or anyone else! but alas no - so without any further ado here is the latest addition to the b3ta messageboard.

by the way B3ta is said like "Beta" - as in rhyming with "Peter" ! and not "bee three tee aay" like ive been saying now for about 2 years !

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