Thursday, June 02, 2005

So much for moving in !

So much for moving in!

Again i must be mad - moving is sooo stressful - i bloody hate it - got to the appartment where a nice lady was there ticking a clipboard - What was that all about i wonder - So anyway got the keys and signed the list of things she thought she'd write down - My pedantic side kicked in and i asked her to change one or two of them as quite honestly they were not true.

1 set of keys were gicven for a 2 bed place - the window wasnt fixed - the lights wernt fixed - couldnt get meter readings ! door code was wrong and the list goes on - Then i find out the nutters before me had been stalked by the gilrs boyfriend and the door and stuff had been changed as he had beaten it down with his bare hands !

On that note i wrote a little letter to the Estate agent - a little tuff but fair - a return phone call ensued - with Jo making a mense for what i thought was a shit service for £250 !

So all should be sorted by Friday evening whence i get my ass in the door finally !

keep em peeled !

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