Tuesday, June 28, 2005

RIP Richard Whiteley

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RIP Richard Whiteley

God rest your soul my good friend of the afternoons on Channel4 - I remember you when i was small - when i used to visit my Auntie Rene and Beryl - They actually were never my aunties but they liked looking after me - After all i was born next door to them (Pollards Hill South !)

Many an afternoon was spent eating lovely buttered scones and 'simons' especially made for me - chocolate with mint choc on top (eeek wanna throw up on that thought)

Anyway you will be very sorely missed Richard - No i mean it - like the news said, you were like the bloke no-one could dislike - Everyone liked you even though your jokes were crap - and your shirts ties and jackets evenly rubbish as well. We all miss you - Countdown will never be the same ..


(By the way please take a look at the little cartoon on the right - it is in goodtaste and is well worth a look - Even if you are family of Richies i think you'll love it!)

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