Monday, June 20, 2005

Phew 33 degrees!

weather 20/06/05
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Phew 33 degrees!

Had a cozy bozy hot weekend here in sunny Warlingham / Purley - Went upto Good Companions with the normal bunch of loons - BW was icky and wanted to kill anyone within 5 metres of her - so we packed up early and went down to The Boulevard to see TP - As usual he was talking for Britain and waffling on about stuff - I dunno that boy should definitely go for a job in a call centre or something! JS and BW finally picked me up after stranding me there earlier and we went home for beer.

Woke up Saturday with the sun beating down at 31 degrees C at 10 am in the morn - I swiftly moved my sore head and a can of beer (to help the head) onto the back lawn to bathe - Eventually the other 2 reprobates joined me and we decided at 12pm to head of to Coombe Lodge and get some grub. Grub was gooood - Saw some bloke wearing jeans and a red hoody (the pratt) in 33 degree weather - Not sure why - Maybe he was sick or had a cold - lol - Went home and collapsed on the couch and slept all the way through to Sunday morning - the other two went to a bbq but left early after suffering the same lazyitus syndrome as yours truly.

Sunday seemed better - woke up early after borrowing a bed and we headed off to Box Hill to have a look at the bikes and stuff - get a drink and generally go cruising in the 206cc - Yep and you guessed it - i got a little burnt - Not badly but enough to warrant a stingy arm all afternoon Sunday after getting dropped off at 3pm - I didnt want to get in the way anymore - I could tell BW was getting a little ratty and to be honest i hadnt spent a penny all weekend so it was time to go - thanks again you 2 - i owe you lot s and lots and lots xx

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