Friday, June 17, 2005

O well - quiet one for me

O Well - quiet one for me

Looks as if i'm on my own all weekend with half a loaf of bread and a block of cheese - Ive got 7 quid on my card to spend and no real hope of seeing any money that i'm owed - Glasses will be Sunday (i hope) won't count my chickens on that fact as my geezer seems more occupied with telling stories about staying in! and not going out - Well i'll will be calling about 10pm to see if thats the case.

Thinking seriously about advertising for a new flat mate to be honest - I feel bad about even thinking about it - but i cant stand the feeling that im getting lied to - Been told that he's "staying in" on a Friday night! - well i'll be calling at 10.30pm to find that out. If he's out i'll be asking why. .

Actually - who the fuck do i think i am - He owes me 125 quid thats all - I need that money fair enough but i havent actually asked for it have i ! - I need it to get my stuff out of storage sure - but thats not why im angry - its because hes not made any effort to make it a home i suppose - And i have a feeling he'll just stroll in when its all done and make out like "this is my space too" or go and sulk like a baby (that he is) when he cant get his way . . Jesus im sounding like a right poooofta ! Im not i guarantee you - i just dont like being butt-fucked by someone !!actually anyone!

So JS called a minute ago - says he's made a breadboard for me !! more like a butchers board he said - cant wait ! lol - and the Toyota Surf's being used by his Mam to get some trailer from Wales or summink - BW said its a quiet one as well as not happy with some bits and peices - But i do hope we go out in the sun and get some beers in . . . . pleeeeeese !!! - I will bloody cry if i dont get out - to the point of begging my Dad to come and get me so i can sit and watch him painting - !! Anyway im off for the weekend - I'll post some pics in a min..

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