Friday, June 24, 2005

O and i makes me wonder

O and it makes me wonder

Yes - hows this for bloody weird - My funny new flatmate has invited his ex's sister to stay over the weekend - Now nothing extraordinary in that is there - But then if i tell you that we have only 1 bed in the place (Mine!) and MP hasnt moved his in yet (cashflow problems apparently) - So with that on mind wheres she going to sleep ?

O did i mention shes a glamour model ?? - Yep - amd theres me all getting a little excited when he told me last night

"O didnt i say - the husband Steve and the kids will be coming too"

WHAT THE FUCK - where are all these people going to be sleeping? - No really WHERE ? - i nearly fell off my queen sized cozy bed when he dropped that on me - ! - keerrazy bloke - i was too fucking tired to put up a fight or even to acknowledge the ridiculousness of this - They sure as fuck aint having my bed - Its a mess anyway - since i can't tidy the place up properly for lack of places to put shit - Its all over my floor - and more or less half way up the walls - !

What a major monkey idea that is - The thing is i cant go and stay at Becks all weekend coz i do every bloody weekend and im sure shes sick of my messy ass smelling up the place and since im flat broke they are paying for my deeerrink and fooood all weekend.

So in protest of this stupidity i'm staying in my bed all week and im not bloody moving - end of. Only for sex, money, drink and food shall i give up my matress . . In that order.

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