Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Nice 3x3 pic

Originally uploaded by Dj_Dal3.
Nice 3x3 pic

Love this picture on Dj_Dal3's photoblogs so i thought i'd let you lot enjoy it as well - very beautiful girl in the top left hand corner!

Which i might add is incredible as the author has a really crap portfoloio of photo's - I mean at least im honest and let people know that i have comedy and serious photos and in honesty most of them are semi-nsfw - Well i dont know or care to be honest.

Can't wait to get home tonight ! Getting some cash together at last - and i'll be off down the pub for a couple of pints - well not completely sure as my life is in the hands of MP - as he owes me tha cash - I wonder if i'll see it at all tonight !

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