Wednesday, June 22, 2005

New Banners

New Banners

Ive been busy this morning! - Making myself a new banner on Photoshop - Looked into some interesting websites that show you how to make your own filters and to add gradient and interesting detail to your design - I said bollocks to all that and clicke don a ready made outline after making my text in the shape of a fish - I could change the name to 'Tails of the Unexpected' i suppose - he he o h that was crap.

So anyway - I'm looking for a script that will automate the banner for me - Ideally i'd like to have an infinite amount of rotations allowed - but im guessing that could be too much to ask for. Im off to have a look - What do you think of my current banner ?

I have made loads so have a look and if you like a particular one then please let me know ! - I wish i could send you to a page but unfortunately i cant - so if you have the time let me know in comments which one makes you moist most of all .... o and if you know a good banner rotation script . . cheers

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