Monday, June 06, 2005

Moving is like the dentist

Moving is like the dentist

Actually its worse ! I had Ian, his mate and BW and JS to help me -0 big transit with 4x4 Surf - and we stilll made 2 journeys - and that was just my telly and clothes and bed ! Incredible ! So little stuff took sooo long to move - And thats not eben the settee tables and chairs yet ! Im dreading the rest of the move - I really am - I may have to leave that to MP.

Other then that im dead happy - Im set up as far as a bed is concerned and im cozy - but MP's stuff isnt anywhere to be seen - Met his bird Zoe on sat night ! i evacuated my bed so they could get jiggy with it - What am i like - The floor wasnt all that bad really - heavens forbid im getting used to sleeping badly !

So the other problem is money is running out very very quickly - I have about £100 left and loads of bills to pay - let alone hospital to get to and back from on the 17th - im in a bad way essentially.

Have to get some plates knives and toast at home - cooked 2 sausages in the oven yesterday ! - that was dinner - thats bad - Will have to get MP to buy food as im skintos! O just remembered - DF owes me £25 ! wahee ! o and MP owes me £125.

That still doesnt pay for what i owe though!

Shit . . .

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