Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Moving in - birthday - moving out - o my god !

Moving in - birthday - moving out - o my god !

At the moment my life is way too hectic - im moving into new flat and have to move stuff in from storage and from Matts - My dads bday is on sunday (when i was going to do it all) and i have to give Ian some cash to help me - regardless of asking poor Justin to give up his Friday night and help me more - bollocks - Sp all in all life is just too bloody hectic - cant stand it

On top of that - because of my broken leg - my commision was pretty crap and i spent a very large chuck of wages on deposit etc etc - So im buggered

Have to rely om Mo - who is working all hours of that day - and who cant help me at all get shit in the flat - so im pissed off

Fill you in later in week

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