Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Monday night woe

Monday night woe

Bloody miserable i was last night! - sick to the back teeth with this leg dilema that i have - Well its not a dilema as such its a 'no brainer' - i dont want to walk with a damn limp - So i've made my mind up - If the doc wants to operate on Monday then i'll do it - Simple as that - No fuss - just get my leg better Doc' - 6 months of not walking is better then a lifetime of limping im sure of that.

So anyway nothing happened last night - got home - No MP - got food - turned telly on - Watched shit till BB6 came on - watched Saskia (&Maxwell) rip the fuck out of Makosi for giving the secret housmates (who are all cocks) all the cider and then switched off and slept like a baby. Woke up cold in the middle of th enight - as the temp in London at night has dipped to 10C or something - so used the two duvets i had. Woke up and met LH for my lift as usual at 7.45am.

It's D's birthday dinner tonight - somewhere - shame i have no cash i would have loved to go ! Spoke to JS - he's having shit with ex ! and thats it faithful readers - I'll be off now to make some money!

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