Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Long haul to Tuesday

Long haul to Tuesday

It's been a struggle already this week - Im constantly tired due to hobbling and doing more then i should be generally - Sunday finished off nicely with JS cooking me, BW and ER a lovely Beef dinner - firstly marinated in Kronenbourg for an hour and then cooked to within an inch of its life - More veg then you could throw a stick at and pleny of lovely gravy and tats - Super.

Got dropped off home and i almost fell into my bed as i was knackered bigtime - We went shopping all day - Macros and Purley Way whilst i sat in the car listening to music - That didnt do much for my tiredness - It really actually knocked the shit out of me.

Anyway - Monday day was good and productive - Waiting on 2 or 3 really large deals to come off - Have to be patient - pushing things really doesnt get things sorted - But today i must concentrate and get the deals signed off.

Last night i was washerman and tidyman with a bit of eat-all-you-can-man - was starving and eat what was mostly left of my food - Must get some at lunch - all i really need is a loaf and maybe some bacon etc etc . . Have to be careful to not spend too much cash - I am skint-man!

So anyway off to make some of that cash i need to dig myself out of this hole !

Ooops - one last thing - Sems MP has moved in his girlfriend - Clothes are all stcked up nicely on the shelves - with a mirror and all her 'bits' - be interesting to find out what thats all about basically - still without any further development of when my fine figure of a flatmates actually moving his shit in ! Not overly bothered right now - Im spending 99% of the time on my own - which is great - but im thinking there will come a time when it gets a little crowded . Just in case theres any dispute - im not bothered its just a third each way that needs paying . . So bring it on.

Right - these bunch of tosspot-pisstaking-unclefucking-dicksnobs are taking the piss out of me so i must go - I managed to slide that dig at cutting my head (dayoff) scenario - they must think it's o so funny - U wait until JO splits up with his bird - I'll blurt it out so loud he'll wish he was gay. . .

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