Thursday, June 02, 2005

Jackson trial coming to end

Jackson trial coming to an end !

Thank bloody god - I hope the Jury dish a worthy and true verdict - and whats all this crap about the Judge giving them to ability to lessen the charge! - O there had to be a let off somewhere - It is a shame that he has to do time - cant we just export his skinny ass to the North Pole and leave him there - He is guilty of one thing - Being bloody odd - and if that means he's allowed to let his oddness out amongst children - then theres something wrong with us all.

He is as Peodo - not in the whole sense of the word but he definately has un-normal thoughts about young children and teenagers - and at the age of 30-40 something that is damned odd and i think thought of so by all.

So Michael - I await your verdict - and i hope this is the last of your publically humiliating skinning.

Be gone whiteboy

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