Thursday, June 30, 2005

Haloscan falls over

Haloscan falls over

I had a thought and a worry all at once - and realised that i had'nt had any comments - for like weeks - So i tried posting one myself ! Shock horror - I was told that i had to wait 18000 seconds or something - Now with the fact that i recently deleted the old Blogextra commenting system because it fell over - i had complete faith in Haloscan - now it turns out they have been waiting for a 'couple of servers' to sort things out.

One word - Bollocks! - I sell servers and IT stuff and im telling you now - If they had ordered the damned things off me it would have been there within 3 working days - So Haloscan in the future make sure you talk to RuthlessJack before spending 1000's of dollars with some bunch of monkey cowboy idoit hick necked pricks and spend it with me - Beside i need it !

Hmm - rant over - i hope all is well soon !

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