Thursday, June 09, 2005

Fell over !

Fell over !

I fell over didnt i - not sure where or when and how - but when i got home i had blood running down my forehead and i felt groggy and thus went straight to sleep - I still cant remember what happened in fairness and my boss isnt best happy that i bunked off work - My knee is black and blue so i must have damaged that on the way as well - O god i so want this bloody cast off my leg - its annoying me big time.

Apparently i could be off to "fast and furious" in Brighton on Sunday - weather looks good - so i hope that does happen - 10 quid on the door - and i may get a little jaded with all that walking - maybe i can get a wheel chair somewhere or something similar - Will tak camera so will have loads of pics. right im off to make cash !

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