Thursday, June 23, 2005

Damn its hot !

Damn its hot !
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Damn its hot!

Just a note for the months to come on how damn hot it is tonight - Its so hot at lunch me and Gary went for a Shandy at the local crap-pub and sat melting in the heat.

James and Tamer turned up later on and James as usual cracked with a quip on how pink i was - He can talk the ginger sun hating big eared tossbag! hehe no really im surprised he hasnt actually melted like a chocolate fireguard in this heat !!

So anyway - local weather tomorrow says that there are flash floods and general rain all blooday day - good side of it all is that it looks very nice for Sunday - Which is good as its my non drinking alchohol meaning i can sweat all day in the sun without worry that my brain will marinate in alchohol and turn a dark brown - Cant wait

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