Monday, June 27, 2005

Broken leg Update #4

Broken leg update #4

Oh my gosh - Went to see my surgeon this morning regarding my consultation with Dr.Wang last Monday (thanks to PA for the lift) and received some crap news - Basically i learnt some stuff that i didnt know before - The surgeon was keen to impress on me that the injury i incurred whilst jumping off a damn car bonnet on the 24th April tore all my ankle ligaments and smashed both the Tibula and Fibula into smitherines - I have 2 spiral fractures of both both bones that will take a minimum of 3 months to heal - that aside wasnt the bad news - i can handle 3 months. . This is the bad news

I didnt know that i had torn the ligaments attached to my ankle - well all of them - and that in the prosess of healing there is a gap between the fib and tib when it joins the ankle bone - He pinched my ankle together and it hurt like fuck - this is how he knows - So i got a new bright yellow cast and another appointment next monday - In between now and next week i have the following to make my mind up.

I may have to undergo further surgery to pin both bones together just above the ankle - This means general anesthetic and 2/3 days in hospital - and a further 3 months on crutches - with a further operation to have the damn pins out in 3 months after that. The titanium pins in my leg may not have to come out (and they dont interfere with airport xray scans!)

When i asked him "how long before i walk again?" - He replied 6 months - for gods sake - 6 months ! no walking for 6 months ! - this cant be serious ! - I cant beleive what i did that night - i basically ruined 2005 - A whole year - and any chance of me going away next year to work - Something i had my heart set upon . . What the fuck do i do about moving my furniture in ! - I need MP and JS's help and more - I hope maybe JO can help too ? Or do i just get my pops to help ?

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck - - - by the way im crying . . well kinda simpering like a baby - im still in shock i think - Even more reason now to get on and whack this fucking target of mine to peices!

Its a toss up with walking with a limp for the rest of my life or having surgery - Already i think surgery is the only way forward dont you !

Wish me luck blogosphere - if there ever was a time i needed some nice comments it would be now ..

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