Friday, June 17, 2005

Broken leg update #3

Broken leg update #3

So - heres me hoping this blue annoying cast would be cut off for good and i'd be wearing a window-licker boot instead - but Nooooooo - Apparently the Tibula that i smashed into 3 different bits isn't looking so good - The bone around the break isnt healing as fast as it should and it needs another month of cast minimum!

Great - And on top of that my nice surgeon who did the "experimental" work has asked to see me personally; so as to keep me informed and stuff on what i should and shouldnt be doing to help things along - Basically i should have been off work and on my back for 6 weeks ! Right ! and whos paying my fucking rent then! SSP pays 12.80 quid a day and i wasnt going to get any help on my rent as i was sub-letting off a 'pal' at the time. Just think about all those nice foreign immigrants who get rent and everything paid for and yet a paying UK citizen whos never claimed dole or a penny off my OWN country gets 12.80 a day ! Fuck right off !

So anyway - back to relevant subjects - Im pissed off - im not seeing my pops on Sunday as he's busy painting doors or something and i'll be laid up at home doing fuck all as i have 3 quid to my name for the rest of the month - With one or two people owing me cash - blatantly i spoke to one of them and he's been awarded a payrise - Well done - How about that 40 quid you owe me mate. . The other one still lives at home and gets fed by Mummy - Again nice one pal. .

I think i'd better go and get on with some work - my bad attitude this morning isnt best directed at these poor people - i just hope they realize before its too late that a crippled mate is suffering and needs a little support - And Quick!

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