Thursday, June 30, 2005

Battle of the blogs

Battle of the Blogs

This is a blatant plee - If you have come here from the all conquering BlogExplosion and in particular from Battle of the Blogs - Please vote for me :)

Its my first battle and it just wouldnt be fair to let the underdog lose now would it - So anyway there we go - Wanna know what i had for lunch ? Well i have half Margherita and half MeatFeast Pizza Hut pizza - i bought it for me and GB as he's my work tea and sandwich bitch (as a thank-you) - since i've smashed my cocking leg to peices - Which reminds me i must call my Mum and tell her i may be dead on Monday after the operation (have i got your vote yet ?)

Right now im off to find something interesting to blog from the net - My life is simply too dull at the moment.


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