Friday, June 10, 2005

At last the weekends bloody here !

At last the weekends bloody here !

Yep its here - bed bed and more bed then Brighton on Sunday for the Fast and Furious do - Should be a laugh - even if i think i'll be hobbling all day and be totally fuckin nackered for Mondays work ! - All in the name of fun eh ! - So today then - Went for a jaunt of to Boots to get necessaries for my new bathroom - new toothbrush, paste, sponge for my nice new bath , Bog roll - thank god - i couldnt hang on anymore trust me - i even thought about - o ui cant tell you that ! - and some snazzy new deodorant - and some normal keep the smell away stuff.

All in all quite productive - Had bit of a row with JJN last night about some lease docs - really freaked me out - he can rip into you at 400mph and keep going until u feel sick ! and then when you retort with some lame remark about "i dont wanna argue but.." he then rips some more and gets damned personal - So i left work last night feeling dejected and in a word 'semi-suicidal'. Now some of you out there wish i was dead, (you know who you are - i still have nightmares damn you!) . . . but thankfully my Dad was about to make sure that didnt happen - Went off to Chaldon for soem beer and then Caterham on the Hill's Harvester for the worst cup of coffee and beer ever.

Simply if your from my area - Keep the fuck away !

Back home - cleared up - did some more washing and went off to sleep - Woke up today with the worst neck ache EVER - i just cant get cozy in bed - i miss my couch - in fact i miss Becky's house and all the madness that goes on - but for now i like the peace and quiet and the fact that i dont have to pee in a bottle or in the garden !

Right im off to pretend i know what im doing and sell some really expensive colour copiers for fuck all - and go get some beer for my 18 or so holes i'll be playing with Tiger later tonight (on my own i imagine)

See ya - have a good one

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