Thursday, May 05, 2005

Where the hell have you been ?

Where the hell have you been?

Well for starters ive been in pain for the last 2 weeks - just like someone (an elephant) is treading on your ankle constantly.

Ok - so here goes the short version of the story - I basically have broken my Fibia and Tibia in my right leg - in fact i have a 10 inch spiral fracture of the fibia and a clean break of the tibia and trust me its more painful then anything i have ever experienced before. I was admitted to Mayday A&E on the 24th and got out 5 days later - I was in surgery for 6 hours where i had 16 pins and 2 plates inserted into my mashed up leg - Thankfully it wasnt my ankle that snapped - it was the leg just above my ankle - so maybe i can walk with some dignity again in the future.

So wanna know what drugs im on . . . here we go

100mg Tramadol x 6 - 8 a day (pain releif for severe pain - affects the central nervouse system and the side effects are - sweating, shaking, dry mouth, muscle spasms, constipation, feelings of sadness, itching (omg i itch like im infested!!) blurred vision and best of all Hallucinations)

50mg Diclofenac x 3 a day - these simply are anti-inflammatory pills only to be taken after food
1g (yes 1 gramme) Paracetamol x 8 a day - well weve all done them and in fact all i can say is that they do work !

10mg Baclofen - Muscle relaxants - because im jerking like a window licker . . .

Right so there we go - im having the most fun lying down on Beckys couch watching Toonami and Sky all day and night - i cant tell you how bloody bored i am - ive never felt so low either - i mean its my birthday today and it feels like my pet mouse died. I must try and sort some clothes and stuff from Matts house - but you know what - im just to damn ill to do anything - i cant get up - i pee into (editor reserved the right to tell you what!) and im eating less food then the dead mouse eats in a week. Ive grown a beard and the hair on my head is overgrown - All in all i feel like poo.

So if you wanna wish me well feel free ! Please send any good wishes to me on comments . . I'll reply if i get any !



god i want to get out

Be back soon im off to post the xray of my leg for you to see !

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