Wednesday, May 11, 2005

My broken leg update

My broken leg update

Many of you lovely Blogexplosion visitors have wished me well in one way or another - Thanks so much - it really has made a difference - I am due for my cast change, X-ray and stuff on Friday morning - I phoned into work to let them know that i should be back on Monday coming - Apparently i have to get a doctors certificate to get my wages .. ouch - im used to a considerable amount of commision - which im afraid next month i shall get bugger all ... mm

So anyone in the UK have any advice in what i should do ? or what i am entitled to ? I have looked on the net but havent really been able to see what i qualify for - Surely there is a bare minimum i am entitled to - even if it isnt just my basic ! HELP !

Anyway i have to get myself mobile in one way or another so im getting up to make a coffee if i can !

Keep you posted on how that went !

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