Saturday, May 14, 2005

Leg break update 2

Leg break update 2

Ok! - Well im getting there - slowly but definately surely !

I got to my hospital appointment at good old Mayday Fracture Clinic on Friday at 10.30am on the dot - got to reception and was told - "Well your lucky Simon" - looking around there were 20-30 cripples all sitting down looking glum - "We had 1 doctor - now we have 4! " - she smiled at me - I just didnt really care - to be honest i was looking around for a bloody seat - SAW ONE wahoooo - hobbled over and crashed down on it. . . .

As the minutes went past, i realised that i was last in queue - The dodgy seat i choose was of course a gangway for everybody to get from A&E to the fracture clinic and everybloody-where-else it seemed - so i decided to move - well - i moved my leg onto a seat next to me - O joy . . .

Eventually 2 hours later - i think it was that long - i was told to hobble off down to Xray - bloody hell - it took all my will and strength to get there - again i waited about 30 minutes - Im not complaining - im not trust me - So again eventually got my Xray done - I thought i had 16 pins and 2 plates - OOOO no - more like 25 pins - jesus ! i wish i got my phone out and took a piccy - but i kept seeing the "No mobile's they interfere with medical equipment" stickers everywhere - so i didnt - nevermind. .

collected my Xrays and hobbled off back to the frature clinic - which by the way was uphill - was getting the hump by now - i was tired and getting a little uptight - after all ive been on my back for 3 weeks playing with the sky remote, asking BW to do this that and the other - and basically not going off the couch - let alone hobbling up what seemed like Mount Everest . .

Anyway - waited another 15 minutes and a really nice indonesian (i think) nurse ushered me to the plaster room - They cut my old cast off and stripped my broken leg down to skin - it wasnt a nice site gang - no it wasnt i tell ya !! - i looked at the bandages all bloody, sticky and stuck hard to my leg - i started to feel icky - decided it wasnt best to look at the nurses stripping the bandages off my swollen and slightly odd looking leg. (i did look but eew thats when i felt shitty) . .

Felt hot - my brow broke into a cold, wet, sweat - my face drained of colour and i asked this 7 foot tall geezer in a blue nurse uniform type cloth if i could have some water - By the time he came back with the plastic cup, i was feeling very very very shit - Im not confessing to being a tuff-man - i hate any sort of telly program showing plastic surgery ! - I look the other way at Holby City for gods sake ! but picture this - There are two 5/6/7 inch cuts to either side of my leg, just above the ankle - each having 15-20 stitches i guess - and the 2 awesome and i repeat AWESOME nurses proceeded to cut the top and pull them out of my leg - which was sore to say the least - I cried - i held back the sobbing - but tears ran down my cheek - although my leg was raised 35 degrees up in the air and my head flat on the bench a foot below my leg. . . i wanted someone - anyone - it didnt matter i was desperate for someone i recognised to be there - i grabbed the radiator behind my head - burnt my hand dammit - i felt mmm how can i explain - . . like telly when you see someone having birth - i needed that hand to grab and break - like it was a jacobs cream cracker (what?) anyway thats what i felt like ........... !

All done - god - thats really was shitty - i know it was only the stitches being pulled out, but it was scary - just so you know; I have never been to hospital before - Never broken a bone - been ill (well apart from when i was 8 or something when i decided to play with a wasp or bee's nest and got stung like 10 times or something - i was allegic to bees ! mmm) - But i'd forgotten about that.

So new cast, which is half the size of the old one and i'm feeling ok . . I have to go back in 4 weeks for a check-up - not sure why - the operation was perfect my legs healing great - so hopefully i'm right on target to be jumping about (as usual) in no time...

Hope you enjoyed my post . . thanks to all who have sent emails, comments and been there for me - Especially the lovely BW (my nurse) - without you i'd would be in real shite - Lovin ya ! x


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