Monday, May 16, 2005

1st day back at work

1st day back at work

Today way blackMonday for me - I've been living it up on BW's sofa for 3 weeks - well not exactly livin' it up - but not bloody working thats what i mean - So i was up at 5.30am - slept for another hour and then stared at the ceiling for 30mins - i was obvioulsy dreading my first day back.

So got a shower and waited for the cab - Ray turned up on time and off to work we went - 8am i arrived and sat down - my face dropped - my drawer had been raided of all sweets, pens and anything that had any sort of fun / food value . . never mind thats par for the course here really - But then i started to read the 780 odd emails . . . Half **spam** a third complete nonsense and half a dozen of so were actually interesting - that took me an hour to sort - then came the exciting task of tackling my call sheet on Goldmine - that took another hour - So i started calling my bods. . .

I am now sick of my leg - everybody have a different name for me - hoppalong was the favourite and without sounding a complete wanker im quite sick of telling the story of how "it happened" - ive made up an interesting story on how it happened now as the actual story is shite - One day i may own up to my colleague on what actually happened - but for now they all think i dived out the way of a speeding car and was lucky to be alive . . . o how i hope that doesnt come back to haunt me.

So tomorrow is merely another day - let today be gone and tonights jacket potato and cheese go down well before meeting Mo and my mate Stella Artois in the Good Companions - o how ive missed stella - o and Mo - - heheh


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