Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Why telling tales just might not always be so good

Telling tales just might not always be so good

You know - its ok to have a blog i suppose - but if i was to tell the real story of what happened over the weekend theres a lot of people who could possibly feel very stoopid - I have only one thing to say to a few of my colleagues - And that is - You aint who i thought you were - Sniping behind peoples backs seems to be a favourite past-time of a few people - and its amazing just how much you can hurt someone.

I dont profess to being tough anymore - In fact quite the opposite - Im a soft centred wooss - And anyone who knows me should know that constant "tittle-tattle" behind peoples backs is almost as bad as what i have done to one of my friends.

I wrote an extensive blog about a pal of mine MH - One day i was really mad and did something i am ashamed of (to this day im very sorry) - It meant that i have to move out of a place that actually im very happy - I dont want any hassle anymore - Im sick of moving about - And right now - im wishing i could stay there - Id happily stay in my room and you could be forgiven to even know i was there.

So im making a promise that i will stop slagging people off on my blog and talking behind their backs. Its just not cricket. and i wish the people who i work with would grow up and leave me the fuck alone - The constant back sniping and 2 faced comments is so transparent - idont even feel that i can work here anymore - Something im probably not going to worry about anyway - Im worth a lot lot more - being underpaid now for some years.

So back to me - I hope to be happy fairly soon. It will definately be nice to have some friends i have fun with again. MO, Jason and Random know me better then anyone else and have always (some much longer then others) Even Becky who ive known for a month or two seems to be a really really good mate - i mean picking me up from Croydon and taking me out for beers, then buying me more and some fags ! Its not every day you find those sorts of people.

So fuck you - you know who you are - It absolutely didnt happen - and by the way - some of you should be more worried about what you got upto - Especially one little man - You want to marry this girl ? What would she say if i "accidentially" let slip over a pint what you got upto huh !

Ok now i feel slightly better - Its 8.44am and i have work to do - flats to arrange to see - And bills i need to arrange to pay in full with next months wage packet.

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