Thursday, April 07, 2005

My weekend / week so far

My weekend / week so far

I have been neglecting my blogging duties for a while - lazily i have just been posting news items and general glumph - So i thought id make a mense and blog you lot on whats been going on.

I had a fat row with my flatmate MH last week about Wednesday i think it was - I did write 2000 words on what happened (thru my eyes) but then i realized it wasnt fair - and if the police got involved it would be there in black and white for me to get a conviction - in essence he said "he was scared for his life" - I went a tad bezerk after he called me a chav and theif - not in that order - just both words at some point (and by the way - i am neither a theif and im only 68% chav according to a word doc test doing the rounds) - It was decided i should move out (phew) - Which is good - and within 1 or 2 months depending on circumstances - again thats just fine . . . so .

I have been out mostly getting legless and making waves with friends - getting back to where i left off somewhere last year when Noo and me finished - So i have a new flatmate in the shape of MO - hes a goodfella- far better sorted and fixed up then the current situation - we are bro's and dont mind lending 100 quid here or there as theres trust in the friendship - something that the last flattie refused to acknowledge - and needless to say i withdrew all niceties - you know - "heres a beer mate" - that sort of thing . . I dont want to leave on a negative but i feel that theres a deep-set problem within MH's mind and im not sure i can deal with the strain of being in that world - I can understand why he's like that - but i just dont have time in my life to deal with someone so highly strung and unorganized. . I wanted to move out last year whilst with SS and the plan was to escape in Feb this year - but hey that plan was doomed from the start. Never date a girl whos still married to a bloke she owned up to marrying to stay in the country! - I mean JESUS didnt the bells ring then ! (what a brainache i am!)

Have been on Findaproperty i have found loads of really nice places for less then i thought so theres a chance i'll be spending less to live then i am now - horah !

So - anyway Ryans Bar on Sunday night where Johnny knocked out some poor chav (with a punch that sounded like the sound barrier breaking) - the second noise was the dude flat out on the bar floor ! - that was hilarious - and then took a day off on Monday - got punished but then got some very good news as well . kinda like a Haribo sweet and sour candy - Yummee yet slightly off tasting !

So - im busy as fu*k this week - feeling upbeat about a new stretch of my life and looking for jobs as well - Mandy offered me a job last week whilst hanging out of her SLK55 AMG ! and i really should be getting round there to see her - be like old times - Spoke to Simon Harris - He's getting married to some Polish bit he must have met last year whilst working out there and Nick's seeing Katie ! WTF ! Paul "dockers" Dockrell is going to the isle of wight for good to run a pub . Great ! and i saw Nicola Martinelli in the rectory the other day - Was kinda weird all i saw was this very cutesy looking blonde girl pointing at me and calling me over to her - so i walked over and didnt recognise her at all ! blimey i was gobsmacked - my shes changed ! shes had a kid with ex Richard and is a single mum living somewher in Purley no doubt - Hope i bump into her again ! ! lol - o dont forget i said to say hello to Lorraine - whos still with Graham Orr and having a baby too - All i hear is "baby baby baby" - and iv'e had 3 abortions and one miscarriage (not me stoopid my other 'alf)

Seems im left behind - one of life's mishaps !

I think my ex's will vouch for that wont you ladies ! (feel feee to comment wont you)

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