Tuesday, April 12, 2005

It all went very wrong

It all went very wrong

It wasnt me - thats all i have to say to myself this morning - I didnt go to the Rectory - We didnt meet Billie and Nope i didnt go to Loop sit there for 2 hours waiting for a table - and it definately wasnt me who was seen in Milan bar talking to what is probably the cutetest young lady ive ever met - shame she's engaged - she has my card.

Got home late 1am-ish to a darkened hallway - no noise - no clanging toilet seat at 2am - no annoying woops or cheering c/o that game they play in good ol' USofA (whats it called rounders or something! hehe) - it was bliss - No annoying lump of congealed margerine sitting on the tabaletop - waiting for me to feel sick at - lovely!

Best thing ive heard all week - MO's a cleanliness freak - hates mess - cant leave a spoon out of place - awesome - im a very very VERY happy young man (not that young i'm afraid) Being tidy is not one of my strongpoints - but being messy is downright disgusting and one of my current flatties best trates - When i say BEST i mean there are WORSE - like coughing constantly like you have a lung in your throat - and wearing greasy long uncut messy cock hair.

Feel dead beat - long day ahead - Chelski return to the UEFA Champions League match with Bayern Munich - 4-2 down after grabbing a late penalty (cheats) So again off down the pub - late night - anyone got a spare liver - mines done for!

Just a taste of where im moving to - all good - dont fuck with my pad - i'll tear your ears off.

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